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【照護食廚房】驚喜健康素食蛋  [按第二格的影片播放烹調步驟]


【社聯頻道】請來社企網煮有限公司行政總裁暨總廚盧翰豪 (Chef Johnson) 示範烹調《健康素食蛋》照護食,讓長者及有吞嚥困難的人士都可以食餐好。過去患有吞嚥困難人士進食時,可能都會擔心哽塞風險而不敢進食,所以Johnson就製作照護食新菜式,選用食療功效高的淮山做蛋白,用甜薯及少許鹹蛋黃做蛋黃,還原出「烚蛋」外形,讓他們重新品嚐這美食。






1. 乾淮山用水浸至少一個鐘,與去皮洗乾淨後切粒的新鮮淮山連水蒸一個鐘,取出後將多餘水份倒去,然後用攪拌器打成蓉,放涼吹乾後使用。

2. 甜薯去皮洗乾淨切粒,蒸大約半個鐘取出,打蓉加入鹹蛋黃粉攪勻放涼備用。

3. 先將淮山蓉搓成橢圓形,在中心壓一下然後放入鹹蛋甜薯蓉。然後再於上面加入淮山蓉然後輕搓成球狀。再將球狀慢慢搓成雞蛋形便可上碟。









-此食譜由社企網煮有限公司行政總裁暨總廚盧翰豪 (Chef Johnson)提供-


【Care Food Kitchen】Kolb.Life [Click the video to play the cooking steps]



240g sweet potato, 100g dried yam, 100g fresh yam, 10g salted egg powder



1. Soak the dried yam in water for at least an hour, then steam it with the fresh yam that has been peeled, washed and cut into pieces for an hour. After taking it out, pour off the excess water, then use a blender to puree it, let it cool and blow dry before use. .

2. Peel the sweet potato, wash and cut into cubes, steam for about half an hour, take it out, beat into a paste and add salted egg yolk powder, mix well and set aside to cool.

3. First roll the yam paste into an oval shape, press it in the center and then add the salted egg and sweet potato paste. Then add yam paste on top and gently roll into a ball. Then slowly roll the ball into an egg shape and serve on a plate.

4. When eating, cut the eggs in front of the user, then add an appropriate amount of warm water and mix well before eating. It not only brings visual effects and creates surprises, but also can adjust the thickness according to different levels of swallowing difficulties to meet the needs of users.


Care Food tip: Warm Care Food to make it taste better. But remember not to heat it beyond 70°C, otherwise it will change the shape of the soft meal and affect its appearance.


*Refer to Level 4 of the HKCSS Care Food Standard Guidelines (i.e. Level 4 of The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI))


Note: The video teaching content is for reference only. Before eating, patients are advised to consult speech therapists and relevant professionals to assess their individual dietary level and eat according to instructions.


-This recipe is provided by Chef Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Chef of Kolb.Life

驚喜健康素食蛋/ Kolb.Life (等級4/ Level 4)

  • 煮食片段、 食譜內容、食物的軟硬度、稀杰度、尺寸及測試方法僅供參考。實際情況可能受食材種類、食物溫度、烹調方法、 餵食技巧、 工具及環境等因素影響。患者進食前建議先諮詢言語治療師及相關專業人士意見,評估個人適用的飲食等級,並配合指示進食

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