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Speaker: Dr. Shen Yiru

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Singapore SilverConnect Pte Ltd. 



Dr. Shen Yiru is the CEO and founder of SilverConnect. She holds a PhD in Physiology and an MS in Biochemistry. She has extensive experience with multinational companies such as Thermo Fisher Chemicals, Sysmex Healthcare and Abbott Molecular, bringing significant growth to SilverConnect in terms of product development and new customer penetration. Prior to taking charge of SilverConnect in 2019, she was head of the medical device commercialization business unit at Accelerate, the commercialization arm of A*STAR. Her experience working with many startups inspired her to launch her own medical nutrition company in Singapore.

GIES 2020 Online Summit Event Recap - Topic: Practicing healthy and dignified diet through caring food and its services Part 2 (Lecturer: Dr. Shen Yiru)

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