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Care Food Cooking Competition 2023

This Year's Highlights

To help caregivers better comprehend Care Food information and offer patients with dysphagia a variety of meal alternatives, the competition welcomes family Carers. In addition, we intend to introduce the concept of Care Food (soft meals, minced meals, etc.) to carers.


Competition Process


Preparation before the game




Online submission

Workshop and final preparation

On-site competition

On-site award presentation

Preliminary selection


  • Love • Care Food

  • A family member might not be able to eat their favorite foods if they suffer from dysphagia

  • This competition aims to transform the dishes loved by family members into Care Food so that they can regain the taste of delicious food.




  • Home carer (Family relationship, Non-paid, Cohabiting or Non-cohabiting)



Dish Requirements

  • It is necessary to design a self-selected care food dish suitable for people with dysphagia. The cooking method is not limited.

Submission Method

  • Complete the registration form and email to, or;

  • Complete the electronic registration form (Google Forms)


  • August 17, 2023 (Thursday) at 5:00 pm

Finalist Notification

  • The list of finalists will be announced on September 1, 2023 (Friday). The finalists will be notified separately and will receive an additional HK$3,500 subsidy for final preparations. (The full subsidy will be released after the award ceremony)

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Click to sign up:

Activity Document:

Guideline of Care Food Standard

Pre-competition activities



Care Food and Dysphagia Workshop

  • The workshop will be held in the afternoon on September 23 (Saturday) (the actual time and location will be notified separately)

  • Duration of the activity is around 3.5 hours

  • Session 1 (open to the public)

  • Experts share a series of knowledge about Care Food, basic theories of dysphagia, nutritional information, cooking tips, etc.

  • Session 2 (for shortlisted candidates only)

  • In Collaborate with The International Culinary Institute. Each participant will be partnered with a student to support dish preparation and presentation, as well as the operations during the finals.

  • Carers and students to interact and share cooking experiences.


Practice before the competition

  • The practice will be held in the afternoon on October 7 (Saturday) (the actual time and location will be notified separately)

  • Finalists and students will work on the competition dishes together, with guidance from professionals.




Competition Time and Location

  • Date: October 28, 2023 (Saturday)

  • Time: 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm

  • Location: The International Culinary Institute (143 Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong)



Competition Rules

  • Participants are required to cook the specified Care Food dish on-site within the designated time (approximately 50 minutes), along with an additional 1-2 minutes for dish introduction. 

  • Participants must prepare their own cooking ingredients and utensils; the event only provides basic cooking equipment and water. 

  • Participants can pre-prepare certain time-consuming ingredients to facilitate completing the dish within the designated time. 

  • The recipe submitted during the preliminary selection must be adhered to (one main dish and one side dish). However, adjustments to ingredient quantities as well as cooking methods are permissible based on dish requirements after participating in pre-competition preparation activities. 

  • All winners will receive an invitation to the Care Food Cooking Competition Awarding ceremony in November when they will also be presented with trophies.

Dish Requirements

  • Participants are required to cook shortlisted dish and comply with the Guideline of Care Food Standard.

  • The Dish need to meet one of the following levels in the Guideline of Care Food Standard:

- Level 4 (Pureed)

- Level 5 (Minced & Moist)

- Level 6 (Soft & Bite-sized) 

- Level 7EC (Easy to Chew)

Star Judges

Preliminary Selection

(alphabetically by last name)

Ms. Jody Lam

President of The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists

Ms Lam is currently the President of The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists. She is committed in promoting the professional development of speech therapists, organizing professional lectures and workshops, and promoting mutual exchanges among industry professionals. She also actively promotes speech therapy by participating in and organizing different forms of public education and promotion activities. Provide the public with a deeper understanding of speech therapy. 


Ms. Bonnie Leung

Registered Dietitian (Australia), Chairperson of Hong Kong Community Dietitian Association

As a registered dietitian, Bonnie is passionate in community nutritionist services and has a strong interest in dietary nutrition therapy and traditional Chinese medicine nutrition. Bonnie is good at creating different healthy recipes, teaching workshops on healthy diet and using Mindful Eating to help the public maintain physical and mental health.


Bonnie currently serves as the Chairperson of Hong Kong Community Dietitian Association, and serves as a consultant nutritionist in clinics and many non-profit organizations and private companies. She has also been invited by NGOs to organize many nutrition workshops for the elderly and infants. Bonnie currently provides nutrition consulting services, health lectures, cooking demonstrations and nutrition courses to parents, the elderly, teenagers, etc. in many charitable and non-profit organizations. In addition, Bonnie has been invited by different groups to collaborate on soft meal nutrition courses and the media has been invited to write articles.

Mr. Chan To On

Media veteran

Host of RTHKs "安哥同學會", VIU TV's "耆菜" and HOY TV's "滋味人生", author of Ming Pao Weekly Archives "安哥隨意煮", food culture novel "品香飯店", and "大廚". Among them, "品香飯店" was purchased by East Asia Entertainment Company and adapted into a stage play, which was widely praised.

With his excellent taste, love for food, and deep understanding of ingredients, he has become a new generation of high-profile global gourmets, reinterpreting classic foods from different countries and regions, and writing brand new food experiences one after another.

Besides, he is very concerned about the dietary arrangements of people with dysphagia and their carers. In addition to taste and nutrition, he also hopes that eaters can regain the pleasure brought by food, their personal dignity, and the care and concern of society for them.

Mr. Lui Kai Yu

Executive Chef (Chinese cuisine), The Dynasty Club

Graduate of the Master Level Chinese Chef Course at the Chinese Culinary Institute. He is good at cooking fusion dishes and boldly innovates while inheriting tradition. Get inspired by new discoveries, new attempts, new products, and experiencing different lifestyles. Chef Lui is a relatively versatile chef who likes scientific cooking and digital management. He has a variety of catering work experience, including restaurants, chain restaurants, factories, private kitchens, conferences, cooking teaching, and food research and development and production.


Chef Lui believes that eating is not only used to maintain life, but also an important pleasure in life. He wish to use cooking skills to help people with dysphagia regain their oral health, and use Care Food to enable more people in need to get tasty and delicious food, have a different dining experience, and improve their quality of life.

Dr Tam Wing Sai, Jessica

Business Director, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Dr. Tam is currently the Business Director of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service. She is committed in promoting the development of the local Care Food market and building a sustainable Care Food Eco-System. At the same time, he is the editor-in-chief of the Guideline of Care Food Standard, helping to formulate a set of unified, clear and localized guideline, hoping to improve the quality of life of people with dysphagia.


(alphabetically by last name)

  • Mr. Chan To On 

​​       Media veteran 

  • Mr. Chua Hoi Wai, JP

       Chief Executive, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service

  • Ms. Jody Lam

       President of The Hong Kong Association of Speech Therapists

  • Ms. Bonnie Leung

       Registered Dietitian (Australia), Chairperson of Hong Kong Community Dietitian Association

  • Mr. Lui Kai Yu

       Executive Chef (Chinese cuisine), The Dynasty Club

  • Mr. YAP Han-phong

       Principal of Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI), Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI) and International Culinary Institute (ICI)


Competition Awards

Awards and Prizes


Care Food Home Chef

Each recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$1,500

Each recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$1,000 each. 

"Gourmet" Commendation (1 winner)* 

"Joy" Commendation (1 winner)* 

"Connections" Commendation (1 winner)* 

"Compassion" Commendation (1 winner)* 

Public Choice Award (1 winner)

Recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800.

Most Nutritious Award (1 winner)*

Recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800.

*The conference offers a variety of awards to show recognition to motivate competitors to actively participate in the competition. The winners of other awards, except for the Public Love and Food and Home Care Cooking Awards, are not eligible to win twice.

Award List

Care Food Home Chef

"Gourmet" Commendation

  • 張向群

  • 黃石蘭

  • 孔玉儀

  • 張鎧瀛

  • 張玉珠

  • 秦佩儀

  • 劉金媚

  • 林智武

  • 劉金媚

"Joy" Commendation

  • 孔玉儀

"Connections" Commendation

  • 張向群

"Compassion" Commendation

  • 秦佩儀

Most Nutritious Award

  • 張玉珠

Public Choice Award

  • 劉金媚

Strategic partners and sponsorships

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ZeShan Foundation


Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship

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