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Speaker: Ms. Sue Cawthray

Chairman of the National Association of Care Catering (NACC) and Chief Executive of Harrogate Neighbors



Ms. Cawthray has worked in the community care field for the elderly for more than 28 years, including frontline nursing, business management, strategic planning, marketing, fundraising and other fields. She also focuses on diet, nutrition and dementia.


She served as chief executive of the Harrogate Neighbors Housing Association for 15 years, providing general and additional care services for the elderly, as well as home catering services. Ms Cawthray received the Queen's Award for Charitable Services to Voluntary Organizations in June 2020 for her catering care services.

Ms. Cawthray is currently the President of the National Healthy Food Association. She has held various positions over the years, serving as the chairman of the association in 2007/8 and taking over the position again in 2019.  

GIES 2020 Online Summit Event Recap - Topic: Practicing healthy and dignified eating through caring food and its services Part 1 (Lecturer: Ms. Sue Cawthray)

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