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Soft meals generally provide safe and nutritious food for the elderly, rehabilitated and frail people. However, some #soft meals may have poor taste, affecting food intake, and thus nutrient absorption, etc. Organizations need to arrange a certain amount of manpower to make soft meals, and the taste will also be affected. Will vary depending on the chef. In recent years, with the help of the Social Enterprise Business Center of the HKCSS, some companies have learned about the elderly market and developed soft meals for the elderly. They have cooperated with the Helping Hands Association to provide soft meals for residential homes and meal delivery services.


Swallowing problems can lead to pneumonia

Chen Wenqi, assistant professor of the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Hong Kong, said that there are two major types of swallowing problems for the elderly and rehabilitated people. The first is that the muscles in the mouth and throat are weak, and they are unable to eat. They feel tired easily and their swallowing is not ideal. Very easy to choke. The second is that it may cause other complications. If a large piece of food is choked in the throat, it will cause suffocation; if food falls into the lungs for a long time, it may cause pneumonia; on the contrary, if the elderly are worried about choking or food entering the lungs, and If you are unwilling to eat and drink, you will suffer from malnutrition and dehydration in the long run.


"'Food' is very important to the elderly. The elderly need to switch from normal meals to chopped meals or pureed meals. They are generally psychologically resistant and will feel sad. On the other hand, eating soft meals may affect the appetite of the elderly. I am worried. Are they eating enough and absorbing enough nutrients?" said Lu Baozhu, director general of the Helping Hands Association.


The silver hair market has huge room for development

Nowadays, the financial affordability of the elderly is getting better and better, and they are also pursuing senior food and material. Liang Jingtai, director of Huachang Co., Ltd., said that with the aging of the population, there are more and more people in need of soft meals in institutions and shops, and he believes that there is growing room for the silver market. With the help of the HKCSS, the company understands the elderly market and cooperates with the Helping Hands Association to develop soft meals suitable for the elderly. Mr. Liang said: "The model of our product is frozen food, which is minus 18 degrees. It only needs to be refrigerated and can be eaten before eating. Defrosting, heating and then distributing is very simple, easier than cooking it yourself, because the institution's own meal delivery service requires the preparation of soft meals. The institutions have small kitchens that can simply heat food, and the operation may be easier than now (making your own soft meals) ) is simpler."


Lu Baozhu pointed out that according to scientific research evidence, food can retain its nutritional value after high-speed freezing and refrigeration. After repeated trials with the company, chefs, staff and elders all tasted it together. It was very popular with them and gradually relieved the staff's anxiety. Frozen food myths. In addition, the elderly received soft meals, and as a result, their food intake and weight increased, which made the elderly, family members and staff feel very relieved.


Elderly changed his mind after trying soft meal

After the elderly tried soft meals, they experienced a 180-degree change. Liu Nenglian, a 79-year-old man, said that he had seen soft meals before and that the elderly had to swallow them all in one go. He thought it must be difficult to eat. But this is not the case. The soft meals I tried this time were full of color, aroma and flavor. I felt that the soft meals tasted very similar to regular meals. He said, "If I need to eat soft meals in the future, I won't resist because it is delicious and suitable for the elderly." .”



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79-year-old man: "I don't resist soft meals because they taste good."

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