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Salted Fish Patties Claypot Rice


Meat patty ingredients

Salted fish meat (mackerel or horse friend):20g

Avoid treating pork belly or plum pork:200g

Ginger rice:25g

Egg: half




rice ingredients





Oyster sauce:10g

Old soy sauce: a little

Flower carvings:5g

Chicken powder:2g

granulated sugar:5g



  • First, peel off the skin of the salted fish, remove the bones, and cut into cubes. Put all the meat patty ingredients and seasonings into a blender and mix until it becomes gelatinous and becomes a meat patty.


  • Wash the rice, drain the water, pour it into the pot, add water, spread the rice evenly, then put the meat patties on it, bring to a boil over high heat, then turn to medium-low heat and cook until cooked, pour the claypot rice with soy sauce when eating. Can.



  • Be sure to remove all fish bones from salted fish to make it safer to eat.


  • Using the same method, you can substitute meat patties with different flavors, such as pickled vegetable patties, salted egg patties, water chestnut squid patties, etc., each with its own characteristics.


This recipe was created by ChefJacky Yusupply

Salted Fish Patties Claypot Rice

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