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Cooking time: about 45 minutes

Serving size: 2-3 people



Dragon willow: 500g

Strap: 50g

Water: about 40-50g

Carrot: 50g

Oil: a little



Salt: a little

Chicken powder: a little

Sugar: a little


Tools: Carp Shape Rice Cake Model



1. Cut off the ribs of the longleaf willow, leaving about 500g of longleaf fish meat. Coat the cake mold with a thin layer of cooking oil.


2. Cut the fish meat into appropriate sizes, put it and the scallops into a blender and blend well. Add water in batches while stirring until the fish meat is smooth and smooth.


3. Add the seasonings to the stirred fish meat and mix well, set aside.


4. Steam the sliced carrots for about 15 minutes until soft and cooked, then sieve to get fine minced carrots, then add an appropriate amount of fish paste and mix well, set aside.


5. Place a little carrot and fish paste at the appropriate position at the bottom of the cake mold, then add fish paste to fill the cake mold.


6. Add frozen water to the pot and then add the fish mold, heat over medium heat until the temperature is around 80 degrees and soak for about 15-20 minutes, then remove and drain.



1: Apply a little oil to the cake mold to prevent the fish paste from scratching the cake mold.


2: After filling the cake mold with fish paste, press the fish paste gently to ensure that the fish paste can fill the fish-shaped pattern, so that the fish shape will be beautiful and complete.


This recipe is provided by Chef Jacky Yu

Fish leaping over the dragon gate

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