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Review of "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022

"Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022 has successfully concluded!


Entering its fourth year this year, the competition hopes to provide a platform for cross-disciplinary chefs to communicate with each other and share their cooking experience over the years with the public and the industry. The services provided by this year's shortlisted units are very diverse, including subsidized residential care homes for the elderly, service units providing improved home and community care services, rehabilitation centers providing services for persons with disabilities, private residential care homes for the elderly and social enterprises.


This year’s theme is “Home + Care Food”. “Home” is an indispensable place to connect with loved ones; “Care Food” brings a delicious and happy eating experience. "Home + Care Food" The combination of the two allows everyone with dysphagia to enjoy a delicious care food experience. The quality of the entries from each team was quite high, exceeding the judges’ expectations! Thanks again to the industry for designing a variety of exquisite care food dishes. This year, a special "camping" award has been added, which will be judged by nutritionists to enhance the chef's nutritional consideration of the dishes.


I hope that working chefs and the younger generation will continue to invest in making care food so that everyone can enjoy the deliciousness and happiness of food. Not only can the institution produce high-quality care food, we also bring care food into the community, so that every family can easily cook care food, so that the elderly who are aging at home and suffering from dysphagia can also "eat good food"!

Review of "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022

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