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As the elderly age, their swallowing function and teeth may deteriorate. If an elderly person eats inappropriate meals, food may accidentally enter the lungs and cause pneumonia. Furthermore, the elderly are more likely to be unwilling to eat, leading to malnutrition problems. In order to help the elderly absorb sufficient nutrition, St. James' Settlement has recently developed "Splendid" home-based exquisite soft meals, which include five kinds of meat and three kinds of vegetables. You can add rice or porridge, so you only need to eat one kind of meat and vegetable at each meal. You can absorb the nutrients you need and eat safely.


Kwan Jianhui, continuing care nutritionist at St. James' Settlement, pointed out that when the elderly lose their chewing function, they need to eat paste meals that do not require chewing. In order to help the elderly swallow safely, the food needs to be thick, but not too watery, so that it will not Easy to choke. Cai Jiayi, the association's senior manager of continuing care services, said that Chinese people say that food is the most important thing for the people. When the elderly have difficulty swallowing, they lose the enjoyment and fun of food. Therefore, they developed "Shengmei", even if the elderly have difficulty swallowing and cannot chew. For ordinary food, you can still enjoy the original taste of food and improve your quality of life.


"The food is creative. I think it has flavor, including beef flavor and carrot flavor. On the contrary, carrots cooked by yourself or cooked in soup are tasteless. Instead, these have the flavor of meaty vegetables. I also like that they have different colors. " said Uncle Yan who tried "Shengxian". St. James' Settlement plans to launch "Feast" on the market to meet the needs of the elderly with swallowing difficulties in the community, so that they can conveniently enjoy soft and smooth meals at a more affordable price, which not only has nutritional value , and can also reduce the caregiver's pressure in cooking.  


Elderly suffering swallowing difficulty can also enjoy a “Graceful Meal” As elderly age, their swallowing ability and their teeth would deteriorate. If what they eat is not suitable for them, it is possible that the food may accidentally get into their lungs and cause pneumonia . Furthermore, the elderly may even suffer malnutrition if they are unwilling to eat. To ensure elderly getting sufficient nutrition, St. James' Settlement newly developed “Graceful Meal” for elderly in five different meats and three different vegetables. Just one meat and one vegetable With rice or congee per meal, the elderly can safely enjoy food and take in the nutrients they need.



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Elderly suffering swallowing difficulty can also enjoy a “Graceful”

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