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Crab meat and coconut jelly



Flower crab:1only (About half a catty)

Coconut green water:280g

Fresh milk:50g




Sugar: a little



  • Wash the crabs, boil the water and steam them over high heat for approx.15Minutes, take out and pour out the steamed crab water drained from the steamed crab. Soak the isinglass slices in ice water until soft and set aside.


  • Mix the coconut water and fresh milk into a pot, add a little sugar and mix well. Take out the isinglass sheets and wipe out the water. Put them in the pot and cook until dissolved. Pour into a container and let it cool completely. Cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator. Refrigerate for approx.5-6Hours, let it solidify into coconut green jelly.


  • Remove the meat from the flower crab, add an appropriate amount of steamed crab, smash it into minced crab meat, take out the coconut green jelly when eating, put an appropriate amount of minced crab meat on the coconut green jelly, and enjoy.



  • In addition to flower crabs, other types of crabs can be used, or even seafood such as shrimps or scallops can be used instead, each with its own flavor.


  • The steamed crab drains out the water and has a fragrant crab and seafood flavor. It is buried in a thin layer of gravy and poured on top of the crab meat to add freshness and sweetness.


  • If you add rock sugar and serve it with stewed bird's nest or peach gum, it will become a nourishing and nourishing dessert!


This recipe was created by ChefJacky Yusupply

Crab meat and coconut jelly

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