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Haohao Social Enterprise successfully held the "Dog and Pig Millennium Banquet" (soft meal banquet). The banquet was held for 15 tables and attracted more than 100 elderly people to participate. The entire dinner banquet was designed based on the concept of caring for the elderly and promoting soft meal culture. Two major organizations, the Helping Hands Association and Nine to Five, a professional soft meal supplier under Kerry Logistics, were invited as co-organizers. We were fortunate to be selected by Tianyi Logistics The group fully sponsors and supports,


In order to promote the belief that "people with swallowing problems can still enjoy a high-quality life", Haohao Social Enterprise selected six of the dishes and cooked them into soft meals, including fish maw, scallops, sea ginseng, abalone slices, bird's nest and other precious ingredients, as well as The normal dishes are served at the same time, allowing the elderly to understand that soft meals can be full of color, aroma and taste, changing their inherent bad impression of soft meals. 😋


Haohao Social Enterprise also invited Dr. Chen Wenqi, Assistant Professor of the Institute of Swallowing Research of the University of Hong Kong, to give a lecture on swallowing problems to the elderly and volunteers present on the day of the dinner. At the same time, the social enterprise "Chat Ducheng Children's Cantonese Opera Association" was invited to sing a song " "Chat Du Peng". This event successfully entertained the elderly and promoted soft meals, all thanks to the support and cooperation of all parties!



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HKCSS Care Food - "Dog and Pig Thousand Years Banquet" (Soft Meal Banquet)

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