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I wish you all good health and plenty of food and clothing in the Year of the Rabbit!  


The Care Food Working Group collaborated with Feng Qihang from the University of Hong Kong to film a short theater piece related to dysphagia, stroke patients and caregivers. In addition to telling about the granddaughter's efforts to find the joy of eating for her grandma who has swallowing problems due to a stroke😋, the clip also introduces information about stroke and dysphagia, and also provides different types of care food recipes for the audience's reference🧑‍🍳.  


It is not difficult to create a eating environment that is inclusive for people with dysphagia. The video hopes to show that as long as caregivers take one more step👣, people with dysphagia can enjoy delicious food with full color, aroma and taste at every meal, thereby improving the quality of life and ensuring that everyone eats happily and tastes good🥘!  


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Stroke Research and Prevention Group, University of Hong Kong/HKU Stroke:
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[Care Food Theater🎥] "Regaining the Taste of Happiness"

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