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The HKCSS Care Food Working Group officially released the "Care Food Standard Guidelines" jointly developed with the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong at Taikoo Ginkgo Time on May 9th🥳! As Hong Kong's population ages, the number of people with dysphagia is also increasing. In order to solve this problem, the HKCSS Care Food Working Group hopes to provide unified, standardized and professional dietary standards so that people with dysphagia can choose appropriate foods and drinks🍜 and improve everyone's quality of life.


The "Care Food Standard Guide" is based on the International Dietary Standards for Disability Diets (IDDSI), including scientific data from laboratory tests and "care food labels" 📝. It also contains a standard guideline comparison table to facilitate everyone to purchase or make appropriate care food. By watching the video of the press conference, you can also understand the opinions of speech therapists, doctors, caregivers, users and legislators on the nursing care food standard guidelines💬.


"Care food" is not only a change in form, but also related to the pursuit of food and the dignity of life by people in need. Through the nursing care food standard guidelines, the public, staff in institutions and chefs can learn the classification of different food grades and prepare food suitable for the grade, so that the elderly (persons) with swallowing difficulties can regain the fun of eating food🍽️.


The HKCSS hopes that this "Guidelines on Care Food Standards" can bring substantial changes to the community and allow the elderly and people in need to experience more diverse and dignified meals👨🏻‍🍳!


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[Care is with you 👨🏻‍🌾"Care Food Standard Guidelines" Press Conference]

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