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Smooth Egg Corn Patched Rice



Canned Corn Mint:450g


chicken soupA:100g

chicken soupB:200g

Eggs: two (break up)

Cornstarch water: appropriate amount






  • Wash the rice, add water and cook until rice is ready.


  • Corn puree added to chicken soupABeat the corn paste, pour it into a pot and bring to a boil, then add the eggs and bring to a boil. Use cornstarch water to bury the corn paste into a smooth egg and corn paste and set aside.


  • Cut the lobster willow into appropriate size, absorb the water, dip it in the egg liquid, then dip it in cornstarch, fry it in an oil pan until golden and crispy, pick it up, put it in a container and add chicken soupBUse a mixer to beat the dragon's sauce into puree and set aside.


  • Put the rice into a container, add the dragon's milk puree, and finally top it with the smooth egg and corn puree.



  • If you want to eat something lighter, you can also steam the long scallop willow.


This recipe was created by ChefJacky Yusupply

Smooth Egg Corn Patched Rice

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