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Four distinctive theme pavilions @ Gerontech Expo and Summit 2021

【Four distinctive theme pavilions @ Gerontech Expo and Summit 2021】


The "Gerontech Expo and Summit" has been in its fifth edition since 2017 and has received strong support and attention from all walks of life. This year's expo attracted more than 31,000 visitors, allowing the public to deepen their understanding of gerontech products, and at the same time promoting the local elderly care and rehabilitation service industry to actively apply relevant technologies.


Chen Wenyi, Business Director of the Federation of Social Services and Social Services, said: "Although this year is still during the epidemic, everyone also understands that it may be difficult for overseas companies to come to Hong Kong, but we can still get some new gerontech products from foreign countries to be exhibited in Hong Kong. This year our There are more than 160 exhibitors, exhibiting more than 600 gerontech products, some of which have never been exhibited in Hong Kong."


Fall prevention and detection

The "Gerontech Expo and Summit" has four major theme pavilions, including fall prevention and detection. Chen Wenyi pointed out that data shows that an average of 44,000 elderly people need to be hospitalized after falling every year, so this issue cannot be underestimated, and we hope to use the theme pavilions Introduce the importance of preventing falls. The exhibition hall introduces fall risk assessment, fall prevention training and fall accident detection products used in institutional and home environments, as well as key points that need to be considered and paid attention to when selecting products. We hope it can help the elderly, caregivers and practitioners understand the relevant information about falls.


Interactive experience sports ground

The Olympic craze has not yet receded. In view of this, this year the theme pavilion has added an interactive experience sports field for the first time, displaying a number of scientific and technological sports projects for the public to experience. Different from popular sports games, the technology sports system combines technology and health monitoring, allowing users to monitor their physical conditions while exercising, and uses vivid and interesting sports game graphics to drive service user participation to a greater extent. Furthermore, the system breaks through limitations such as space and weather, and facilitates organizations to arrange sports training and even hold large-scale cross-unit sports meets, thereby promoting popular sports and helping the physical and mental health of service users.


Smart city quality services

Another theme pavilion is Smart City Premium Services, which introduces the new "Gerontech Platform" and the services of the Social Welfare Department's "Innovation and Technology Application Fund for Aging and Rehabilitation". Chen Wenyi said that he hopes that through the exhibition hall, users such as the elderly and caregivers will have an opportunity to express their opinions on the use of products to product developers, and at the same time help inventors know more specifically how to improve their products.


Senior Food Market

How can food, clothing, housing and transportation be without the element of "food"? This year there will continue to be a "Senior Food Market", which is designed with a European market in mind, allowing visitors to experience the joy of traveling. The exhibition hall brings together 20 social enterprises, social welfare organizations, business and education-related units related to care food. The market has also specially added a "care food" experience hall to allow the public to deepen their understanding of the food through visual, tactile, auditory and olfactory experiences. Caring for food awareness.


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Four distinctive theme pavilions @ Gerontech Expo and Summit 2021

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