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Care Food Cooking Competition 2024

This Year's Highlights

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) invited caregivers as contestants for the first time in our Care Food Cooking Competition 2023, we bring the concept of care food into the community and integrate care food into daily life. 

This year, we have invited caregivers and foreign domestic helpers, with the theme of "Travel with Care Food", allowing caregivers and foreign domestic helpers to transform the favorite and unforgettable food of dysphagia individuals during their trip to Hong Kong or around the world into Care Food, in hope that people with dysphagia recalling the joyful moments they had during their journey.

Hong Kong is a city of delicacies, where you can enjoy different cruisines in every district. However, people with dysphagia only have a few options for dining out. Through this competition, we hope to provide caregivers and foreign domestic helpers with a deeper understanding of care food-related knowledge so that people with dysphagia can have a taste of dishes of different styles. At the same time, promoting care food to the community, we envision people with dysphagia in various districts enjoying diverse delicacies from different places, so people from every district can enjoy delicious food.

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Competition Process


Preparation before the game




Online submission

Workshop and final preparation

On-site competition

On-site award presentation


July 28

(Deadline: 5:00pm)

August 17 and September 7

October 19

November 23


Preliminary selection


  • Travel with Care Food

  • If your family member has dysphagia, they may not be able to enjoy the delicacies they loved while travelling in the past.

  • This competition aims to transform the food that the dysphagia individuals like during their travel into care food, so they can regain the taste of delicious food and relive the memories of that time.




  • Caregivers (Family relationship, Non-paid, Cohabiting or Non-cohabiting)

  • Foreign domestic helpers



Dish Requirements

  • It is necessary to design a self-selected care food dish suitable for people with dysphagia. The cooking method is not limited.

Submission Method

  • Complete the registration form and email to, or;

  • Complete the electronic registration form (Google Forms), Applicants must attach photos/videos to introduce relevant works.


  • July 28, 2024 (Tuesday) at 5:00 pm

Finalist Notification

  • The list of finalists will be announced on August 6, 2024 (Friday). The finalists will be notified separately and will receive an additional HK$3,800 subsidy for final preparations. (The full subsidy will be released after the award ceremony)

Click to sign up:

Google Form

Activity Document:

Guideline of Care Food Standard

Pre-competition activities



Care Food and Dysphagia Workshop

Workshop 1

  • The workshop will be held in the afternoon on August 17, 2024 (the actual time and location will be notified separately)

  • Duration of the activity is around 3 hours

  • For shortlisted candidates only

  • Session 1 

  • Speech therapist explains dysphagia, guideline of care food standard and caring skills.

  • Chef demonstrates and guides care food cooking techniques.

  • Session 2 

  • Each shortlisted candidate will be paired and cooperate with a student from the Vocational Training Council (VTC). VTC students will help improve the competition dish and platting, assist candidates in dish preparation, and work with them in the final contest.  

  • Candidates and VTC students can get to know each other and share cooking experiences.

Workshop 2

  • It will be held in the afternoon session on September 7 (the actual time and location will be notified separately)

  • Duration of the activity is around 2 hours

  • Session 1 (Workshop)

  • Tips sharing from experts on care food nutrition.

  • Session 2 (Public communication and cheer-up station)

  • Shortlisted contestants will display their entries to let the public understand their entries and encourage the shortlisted contestants. 


Practice before the competition

  • It will be held on September 21 2024 (the actual time and location will be notified separately

  • The shortlisted contestants will try to cook the competition dish together with VTC students and will be guided by professionals.

  • Shortlisted contestants have to be interviewed and shoot a short video for public voting on that day.



Competition Time and Location

  • Date: October 19, 2024 (Saturday)

  • Time: 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

  • Location: The International Culinary Institute (143 Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong)

Competition Rules

  • Contestants are required to cook care food dishes on-site within the designated time (about 30 minutes), and they will have extra 1-2 minutes to introduce their work. 

  • Contestants need to prepare their own cooking materials and utensils. Only basic cooking utensils and water will be provided. 

  • Contestants can prepare and proceed some time-consuming ingredients before the competition, in order to complete the dishes within the specified time. 

  • Candidates should use the recipe submitted during the selection process. However, candidates can adjust the ingredients, portions, and cooking methods according to the dish requirements after the pre-competition preparation activities.requirements after participating in pre-competition preparation activities. 

  • All winners will receive an invitation to the Care Food Cooking Competition Awarding ceremony in November when they will also be presented with trophies.

Dish Requirements

  • Participants are required to cook shortlisted dishes and comply with the Guideline of Care Food Standard.

  • The Dish needs to meet one of the following levels in the Guideline of Care Food Standard:

- Level 4 (Pureed)

- Level 5 (Minced & Moist)

- Level 6 (Soft & Bite-sized) 

- Level 7EC (Easy to Chew)

Competition Awards

Awards and Prizes (1).png

Care Food Home Chef

Each recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$1,200

Each recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800 each. 

"Gourmet" Commendation (1 winner)* 

"Joy" Commendation (1 winner)* 

"Connections" Commendation (1 winner)* 

"Compassion" Commendation (1 winner)* 

Public Choice Award (1 winner)

Recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800.

Most Nutritious Award (1 winner)*

Recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800.

*The conference offers a variety of awards to show recognition to motivate competitors to actively participate in the competition. The winners of other awards, except for the Public Love and Food and Home Care Cooking Awards, are not eligible to win twice.

Strategic partners and sponsorships

China Merchants Foundation

Kerry Group

ZeShan Foundation


Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship

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