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Speaker: Mr. Fujisaki Xian

Secretary General of Japan Nursing Food Association 




Graduated from Nihon University's Department of Agricultural and Veterinary Medicine. Mr. Fujisaki joined the Japan Canning Association (currently the Japan Canning, Bottled and Bagged Foods Association) in April 1993 and was affiliated with the sales department. He was promoted to section chief in 2004, and in April 2006, he also served as the secretary-general of the Japan Care Food Association.

Currently engaged in the popularization and development of canned, bottled, and bagged foods, as well as planning and research.
He is also the internal and external window of the Japan Care Food Association, responsible for business liaison, business promotion and business investigation.

GIES 2020 Online Summit Event Recap - Topic: Practicing healthy and dignified diet through caring food and its services Part 3 (Lecturer: Mr. Fujisaki Yuki)

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