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[Feeding Tips for Dysphagia][Click the second frame of the video to play the clip]


Are there any elders around you who need to be fed? Many elderly people with dysphagia require feeding from their caregivers due to limitations in their mobility and cognitive abilities. Correct feeding methods can prevent complications caused by dysphagia (such as malnutrition, dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, choking due to food obstruction, etc.), and help the elderly absorb adequate nutrients and water, thus improving their quality of life. This video will introduce you to the things you need to pay attention to when feeding, as well as special feeding techniques for people with dementia and stroke.



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Dysphagia feeding tips

  • If patients have any questions, please check with a speech therapist or medical staff first. When making care food, you need to cooperate with the instructions of the speech therapist or medical staff.

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