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Swallowing disorder is a problem encountered by many elderly people, stroke patients and other patients. According to research by the University of Hong Kong, about 60% of the elderly living in institutions have varying degrees of swallowing disorder. In view of this, the Council of Social Services has been vigorously promoting the issue of care meals (soft meals) in the past four "Gerontech Expo and Summit" and has successfully attracted the elderly, disabled people, caregivers, social welfare sector, medical sector and The business community realizes the importance of caring for food development.


Tam Wing Sin, Director of the Social Enterprise Business Center of the HKCSS, said: "The HKCSS, together with the Food Research Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Swallowing Research Institute of the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong, have developed localized standard guidelines for "care food". Based on the "International Dietary Standards for Dysphagia" (IDDSI), the HKCSS and two universities added scientific data and locally applicable names, and provided guidelines for cooking local care-feeding foods and dishes to provide food producers and users with Provide standard guidelines for "care food" to caregivers. "



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HKCSS Care Food - Care + Love + Food @ The 4th "Gerontech Expo and Summit" Asian Cuisine for the Elderly

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