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[Guidelines for caring food standards] Cooking demonstration - Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge

[Click the video in the second frame to play the cooking steps]


Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge

150g pumpkin, 10g quinoa, 300g rice, 2100mL* water, 5g salt, appropriate amount of oil


1. Peel and peel the pumpkin, wash and cut into cubes.
2. Rinse the quinoa and soak it in water for 10 minutes.
3. Put the quinoa into 600mL of room temperature water and heat together. Cook until white circles appear on the surface (about 8-10 minutes). Then filter the excess water and let cool. Use a blender to stir the quinoa. Blend until smooth.
4. Put the pumpkin cubes into boiling water and simmer for about 5-10 minutes, then filter the excess water and let cool, then use a blender to blend the pumpkin cubes into a paste. The remaining water after cooking the pumpkin can be reserved for cooking porridge, no need to pour it away.
5. Wash the rice and soak it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Put the rice into 1500mL of boiling water (along with the pumpkin water) and simmer over medium heat for about 30 minutes, then turn to medium heat and simmer for about 30 minutes. Stir during this period to avoid sticking to the bottom, and finally add salt to taste.
6. Turn off the heat and use a blender to stir the porridge until it becomes a paste.
7. First put the porridge base into a bowl, add pumpkin paste and quinoa paste and mix well. If you need to eat other levels of meals, you can add an appropriate amount of water to adjust the Jiedu.

Warm reminder:
1. Pay special attention to the food not being too sticky.
2. The appearance of the food cooked according to this method will be more attractive. If you want to save time, you can directly cook the pumpkin and rice together when cooking the porridge base, and then use a blender to stir until it becomes a paste.
3. If you are not used to cooking porridge over an open flame, you can also use a rice cooker to cook porridge.
4. You can add water and oil to the rice and mix it. On the one hand, it will avoid being too sticky, and on the other hand, it will make it easier for caregivers to prepare extra porridge for people with swallowing difficulties.
5. The amount of water can be adjusted based on actual conditions.
6. Please eat it as soon as possible after making it to avoid changing the taste if the food is left for too long.

*The amount of water can be adjusted based on actual conditions.


This dish is based on the Nursing Food Standard Guidelines Level 3 (i.e., the International Dietary Standards for Dysphagia (IDDSI) Level 3)

Pumpkin Quinoa Porridge (Level 3)

  • Cooking clips, recipe content, food hardness, hardness, size and testing methods are for reference only. The actual situation may be affected by factors such as the type of food, food temperature, cooking methods, feeding techniques, tools and environment. Before eating, patients are advised to consult speech therapists and related professionals to assess their individual dietary level and eat according to the instructions.

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