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Caritas Yuen Long Integrated Home Care Service - "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022 Finals • Entries

Caritas Yuen Long Integrated Home Care Service - Entries [Click on the icon next to the photo to browse the short video]

Chef: Huo Huifen

Theme: Family portrait

Main dish: Tangerine peel and duck leg soup with rice (warmth between father and daughter) IDDSI level 6

Side dish: Rainbow Batch (Colorful Life) IDDSI Level 4


Creativity and design concepts


Duck leg soup with rice has won the favor of many elders and children with its sweet soup and strong duck aroma. It is definitely one of the favorite dishes for a family meal and a great temptation to eat. Bite into the loosened duck legs and enjoy the refreshing soup that will not be oily. The eating habits of the elderly are mainly warm. Eating it can add warmth and satiety in the stomach, which meets the "care food" criteria.


The seven cooking methods contained in Rainbow Batch from the inside to the outside encompass the rich life of a chef. The first level is the mood of continuous learning when entering social work for the first time. The second floor is the warmth and sweetness of family. The third level is to work hard and work hard with your husband. The fourth level is to challenge the difficulties of entrepreneurship and the impact of success. The fifth layer is the memorial and remembrance of the death of my beloved father. The sixth level is the satisfaction of having a grandson born and having fun with it. The final sauce is a noble and majestic color of purple, reminding the chef that the job is to bring happiness to everyone through food, which represents the unchanging original intention.


story behind


I have asthma hereditary in my family, which also affects my swallowing. Therefore, I have learned to protect my trachea since I was a child. However, a few years ago, my throat swelled due to bacterial infection, and my long-term use of steroids may have caused acid reflux, which affected my ability to swallow. This situation lasted for almost a year. At that time My esophagus was so narrow that it was only as big as my finger. I once choked when I ate chicken rice with white sauce. I had to call an ambulance immediately to take me to the hospital. Life and death were on the line, so after I was discharged from the hospital, I had to pay more attention to the meals I ate. Pay attention and be careful, and learn to cook dishes that are suitable for eating. My father, who is very old, also has difficulty swallowing, so he thought of cooking his favorite duck. My father eats slowly, and rice soup can preserve the temperature. Even if you eat slowly, it won't freeze easily. This "Winter Melon and Duck Leg Soup with Rice" has become our father and daughter's favorite meal.


I worked as a kitchen helper at the lowest level and also ran a tea restaurant. My father loves to take his grandchildren to my tea restaurant to eat the dishes I cook. I recall that my husband and I worked hard to raise four children, and experienced the ups and downs of life, the ups and downs, the ups and downs. Just as this "rainbow batch" represents my understanding of life, it really fills my heart with all kinds of tastes. Now, I have returned to Caritas Home for the Elderly to work as a chef. I have met a group of good colleagues who work together to design dishes for the elderly with dysphagia. I have regained my original intention of being a chef.


Entry recipes:


Tangerine Peel and Duck Leg Soup with Rice (Father and Daughter Warmth) IDDSI Level 6



  • Chilled duck legs  2 pieces     
  • Rice  200g 
  • Chuanxiong  6g
  • Winter melon  400g 
  • Ginger slices  2 slices
  • Jinhua ham 30g 
  • Coriander  2 stalks
  • Tangerine peel  5g 
  • Ginger paste  5g



  • Drop Pearl Oil  10ml 
  • Salt   4g
  • Shaoxing wine  10ml 
  • Water  1000ml


Cooking method:

  1. Pour the frozen water into the wok, add ginger slices and put the duck into the pan, and cook the duck into pieces
  2. Wash the duck legs, pat dry and apply oil on them
  3. Soak the tangerine peel until soft and scrape off the white flesh with a knife
  4. Heat a wok, add oil, add duck legs, fry half-way until golden brown, plate up
  5. Add tangerine peel and Chuanxiong to the bottom of duck thigh and steam for 2 hours, then let cool to remove bones.
  6. Peel the winter melon, add oil to a wok and fry both sides until fragrant. Cut the coriander into stems and leaves.
  7. Bring water to a boil in a soup pot, add duck bone, Jinhua ham, tangerine peel, ginger paste, and winter melon. Bring to a boil. Add salt to taste, then turn to low heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Remove the winter melon and set aside. Add coriander stems and simmer for another 10 minutes. , separate the clear soup residue from the fish bag, leaving the soup
  8. Steamed rice with part of the stock
  9. Cut the winter melon and duck into 1.5cm cubes and place them on top of the rice noodles
  10. Add coriander to the soup, top with gravy and serve. (Consistency needs to pass the fork drip test)


Rainbow Batch (Colorful Life) IDDSI Level 4



  • Soft meal enzyme  18g
  • Mushrooms  80g 
  • Purple cabbage  80g
  • Pumpkin cubes  100g   
  • Tomato  100g   
  • Carrot  100g   
  • Spinach  80g 



  • Light cream  140ml 
  • Minced garlic      10g 
  • Salad dressing  50g    
  • Dried tomato puree  40g 
  • Ginger paste  5g     
  • Salt     2 grams   
  • Sugar   3g


Cooking method:

  1. Mushrooms, tomatoes, cut into 4mm cubes
  2. After processing the food separately, add 1.5% coagulation powder and stir until smooth and grain-free. The subsequent steps are to build a rainbow batch layer by layer according to the number of layers (from bottom to top). The method for processing each layer of food is as follows
  3. Layer 1: Saute minced garlic in a little oil until fragrant, add mushrooms and stir-fry. Add 60ml light cream and 2g salt to the original pot and bring to a boil.
  4. Layer 2: Mashed corn, add 2g of salt, add 60 ml of water and bring to a boil.
  5. Layer 3: Peel and cut the pumpkin, steam it over water, put it into a blender and add 60ml of light cream and cook until hot.
  6. Layer 4: Cut the carrots into shreds, sauté the ginger paste in a hot pan until fragrant, add the carrot shreds and stir-fry until cooked, add 100ml of water and bring to a boil.
  7. Layer 5: Pour a little oil into a hot pot and sauté tomatoes until fragrant. Add dried tomatoes and eggplant paste to the original pot and sauté until fragrant. Add 60ml of water and bring to a boil.
  8. Layer 6: Sauté minced garlic, add spinach and stir-fry until soft. Add 100ml of water and bring to boil.
  9. Purple Cabbage Sauce: Wash and cut the purple cabbage into thin strips. Stir-fry the purple cabbage over medium heat. Add 100ml of water and cook until dry. Let cool and set aside.
  10. Put the purple cabbage into a blender and add 50g of lyu sauce and blend until smooth and without grains.
  11. After the rainbow batch is solidified, cut into pieces and place on a plate. Place purple cabbage sauce on the edge of the plate.


Note: The setting time of different ingredients is slightly different. Generally, it can solidify within five minutes. If the ingredients fail to solidify, it may be due to improper proportion of water and enzyme or insufficient heating of the ingredients.

Caritas Yuen Long Integrated Home Care Service - "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022 Finals • Entries

  • Cooking clips, recipe content, food hardness, hardness, size and testing methods are for reference only. The actual situation may be affected by factors such as the type of food, food temperature, cooking methods, feeding techniques, tools and environment. Before eating, patients are advised to consult speech therapists and related professionals to assess their individual dietary level and eat according to instructions.

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