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About us

Introduction of
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service 

Introduction of Care Food
Working Group 

Project Goals

The HKCSS is a statutory body established in 1947. Together with our Agency Members, we uphold social justice and equality in our mission to advance the well-being of the Hong Kong community. The HKCSS is committed to building an impact-oriented, collaborative, and innovative social service sector and co-creating a better society with stakeholders across different sectors. The HKCSS has over 510 Agency Members, with service units throughout Hong Kong, providing high-quality social services to those in need.

The development of the local Care Food sector is still in its early stages, and the products and services provided by suppliers in the market are limited. HKCSS has been promoting Care Food to the public since 2017. In 2020, the Caring Food Task Force was established, bringing together representatives from academia, healthcare, social welfare, and business sectors to provide professional advice and guidance on the future development of Care Food guidelines and projects.


Through our efforts and the collaboration of our partners in recent years, the service providers offering Care Food have expanded from non-profit organisations to various sectors, including social enterprises and commercial organisations. While working on establishing a unified standard guideline on Care Food, we also organise different seminars and workshops to facilitate sector exchange. We actively participate in various Care Food exhibitions, such as the Care Food Pavilion of Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit, and related public education activities, such as the Care Food Cooking Competition. In terms of policy initiatives, we will continue to collect feedback from the sector and communicate with relevant stakeholders.

  • Increase public awareness of "Care Food".

  • Provide professional information and interactive platforms for individuals with dysphagia, caregivers, and the sector.

  • Promote a robust and sustainable Care Food ecosystem.

  • Advocate for policy changes to facilitate implementation.

  • Create a distinct local Guideline of Care Food Standard, combining international and local sector practices.

The symbolic significance of the logos

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gourmet food

Food is a fundamental human need, and Care Food respects basic human rights.

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Care Food brings about delicious and enjoyable dining experiences.

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No barriers can hinder the connection between individuals.

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Each meticulously designed Care Food is created with love and compassion.

Development Timeline
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We would like to acknowledge our heartfelt gratitude to our strategic partner and sponsor, Kerry Group and ZeShan Foundation, for their generous support in establishing this website, funding the development of local Guideline of Care Food Standard, and organising a series of sector exchanges and public education activities.


Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship

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