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Care Food Cooking Competition 2022

This Year's Highlights

This year's competition extends its reach from care facilities to the community, inviting chefs from both care facilities and restaurants to participate. Providing a platform for sector exchange and collaboration, the competition aims to elevate the culinary techniques of Care Food, encouraging professional chefs to innovate in the creation of Care Food dishes. This diverse approach aims to offer a wider variety of choices for individuals with dysphagia. Additionally, the competition strives to promote different forms of Care Food within the community, such as soft and minced meals, making Care Food a more integrated part of daily life.


Competition Process






Online submission

Workshop and final preparation

On-site competition

On-site award presentation

Preliminary selection


  • Home + Care Food

    • "Home" is an indispensable place connecting loved ones.

    • Care Food brings about delicious and enjoyable dining experiences.

    • The combination of "Home + Care Food" allows individuals with dysphagia in every household to enjoy a delicious Care Food experience. Entries for this competition should closely relate to everyday life and be easily prepared at home.




  • Professional chefs from restaurants, care facilities, community elderly centres, or related service units (each restaurant or organisation can send a maximum of two subordinate units to participate)



Dish Requirements

  • Design two self-selected Care Food dishes suitable for individuals with weaker swallowing abilities, including one main course and one side dish (such as appetizer, dessert, soup, or drink, etc.), cooking methods and Care Food levels are not limited.

Submission Method

  • Submit the completed application form by email to before the deadline, and participants can choose to attach photos/videos to introduce their works.


  • 7 July 2022 (Thursday) at 5:00 PM

Finalist Notification

  • The list of finalists will be announced on 25 July 2022 (Monday). Finalists will be notified separately and will receive an additional HK$3,000 subsidy for final preparations.

Briefing Session

  • In order to provide interested participating units and chefs with more information about the competition, the organiser held an online briefing session on 20 June 2022 (Monday) at 3:00 PM. You can revisit the content of the briefing session in the event documents below.

Event Documents:


The organiser provided a competition preparation workshop for all finalists on August 13, where they learned about Care Food cooking techniques and level classifications. On September 24, there was a final pre-competition assembly to ensure participants were well-prepared for the final. The specific time and location will be announced separately.

Preparations Before the Competition

Finalist Briefing Session and Care Food Workshop

  • Renowned experts shared a series of basic theories about Care Food, level testing techniques, and cooking tips.



Final Pre-Competition Assembly

  • Briefing the finalists on the competition process and points to note allowed them to fully understand the competition environment, facilities, and various details before the final.




Competition Time and Location

  • Date: 15 October 2022 (Saturday)

  • Time: 2:15 to 5 PM

  • Location: VTC International Culinary Institute (143 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong)

Competition Rules

  • Participants are required to cook the specified Care Food dish on-site within the designated time (approximately 35 minutes), along with an additional 1-2 minutes for plating their dish.

  • Participants must prepare their own cooking ingredients and utensils; the event only provides basic cooking equipment and water.

  • Participants can pre-prepare certain time-consuming ingredients to facilitate completing the dish within the designated time.

  • The recipe submitted during the preliminary selection must be adhered to (one main dish and one side dish). However, adjustments to ingredient quantities as well as cooking methods are permissible based on dish requirements after participating in pre-competition preparation activities.

Dish Requirements

  • Participants are required to prepare the main dish and side dish from their qualified submissions, adhering to the specified levels of swallowing difficulty.

  • Either the main dish or the side dish must follow HKCSS Guideline of Care Food Standard Level 4, which corresponds to International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Level 4 (Pureed). 

  • The other dish must follow the HKCSS Guideline of Care Food Standard Level 5 or 6, which corresponds to IDDSI Level 5 (Soft & Bite-Sized)

Star Judges


​Preliminary Selection

(alphabetically by last name)

Ms. Devon Hou

Executive Chef, Feste Group

Ms. Hou, who is currently serving as the executive chef of a culinary company, draws upon her extensive cooking journey to create numerous modern artistic dishes. Her experiences have endowed her with a unique sensory perception and taste, resulting in inspiring and vibrant flavours. To this day, she continues to enjoy the innovative process of discovering new combinations and creating memorable dining experiences for her patrons. Her passion for gastronomy drives her to constantly craft distinct dishes.

Mr. John Rocha

Food Culture Enthusiast, Cookbook Author, TV Cooking Show Chef, Gas Cooking Centre Instructor

John Rocha, of mixed Chinese and Portuguese heritage, has engaged in market planning and brand management for many years while also owning his own consulting company. Immersed in both Chinese and Western cultures since childhood, John developed a love for cooking at an early age. He unconsciously acquired many fading Macanese-Portuguese family recipes from his grandmother and mother. With a platform of over 50,000 followers, his cooking classes are highly regarded. He has published four personal cookbooks in just five years and serves as a spokesperson for multiple brands. John's recent endeavours involve exploring culinary history and culture, infusing his favourite flavours into his creations, and sharing various family dishes from different countries.  

Mr. Hugo Chui

Culinary Consultant and Executive Director, Huntai (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr. Chui is the Executive Director and Culinary Consultant at Huntai (Hong Kong) Limited. He has been a guest chef on television cooking programmes, a guest instructor at the Towngas Cooking Centre, and formerly the head of a private kitchen. At just 24 years old, he transformed his self-established Hong Kong brand, Fuzizoue Preserved Tofu, into a popular Chinese cuisine found in upscale supermarkets and organic shops in Hong Kong and Macau. He has created unique fermented bean curd desserts and passionately adheres to the traditional craft. His ingredient selection emphasises consumer health, combining different elements in diverse styles to prepare authentic flavours and traditional dishes.


(alphabetically by last name)

Mr. Chua Hoi Wai

Chief Executive, Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

Ms. Irene Ho

Principal, Hotel and Tourism Institute, Chinese Culinary Institute, and International Culinary Institute

Dr. Elaine Kwong

Associate Professor, Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ms. June Lee

Dietitian registered in Australia

Competition Awards

Awards and Prizes


Care Food Star Chefs (multiple winners)

Each recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$1,000 each.

Each recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800 each.

"Gourmet" Commendation (1 winner)*

"Joy" Commendation (1 winner)*

"Connections" Commendation (1 winner)*

"Compassion" Commendation (1 winner)*

Public Choice Award

(1 winner)

Recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800.

Most Nutritious Award

(1 winner)*

Recipient will receive prizes with a total value of HK$800.

To encourage active participation in the competition, the organisers have established various major awards for recognition. Except for the Care Food Star Chefs awards and the Public Choice Award, winning teams for other awards will not be eligible for repeated recognition.

Award List

Care Food Star Chefs (organisation names are listed in alphabetical order) 

"Gourmet" Commendation

Caritas Ying Shui Home

- Chef Law Shiu Wai

Caritas District Elderly Centre - Yuen Long

- Chef Fok Wai Fun

Granyet Elderly Care Centre

- Chef Terry Leung

Ho On Home for the Elderly (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)

- Chef Lam Kei Nam

Po Leung Kuk Delish ONE Kitchen

- Chef So Man Fai

Po Leung Kuk Sham Shui Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

- Chef Wai Kit Ying

Salvation Army Hoi Tai Residence for Senior Citizens - Chef Lee Kin Hang

  • Caritas Ying Shui Home

"Joy" Commendation

  • Po Leung Kuk Sham Shui Po Integrated Rehabilitation Centre

"Connections" Commendation

  • Po Leung Kuk Delish ONE Kitchen

"Compassion" Commendation

  • Salvation Army Hoi Tai Residence for Senior Citizens

Public Choice Award

  • Caritas Ying Shui Home  

Most Nutritious Award

  • Caritas District Elderly Centre - Yuen Long

Strategic Partnership and Sponsorship


Kerry Group

China Merchants Foundation


Strategic partners and sponsorships

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