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The Care Food Working Group under the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) has been organising the Care Food Cooking Competition since 2019. As a highlight of the annual Gerontech and Innovation Expo Cum Summit, the cooking competition focuses on Care Food and invites participants to create innovative Care Food dishes each year. In the past, the competition mainly invited young culinary students to showcase their skills in creating elderly-friendly dishes. In recent years, the competition has expanded to include professional chefs, providing a platform for sector exchange and learning!


Through this competition, we aim to promote Care Food in the community by encouraging professional chefs and young culinary students to innovate in ingredient selection, cooking methods, and plating techniques for Care Food dishes. This approach provides more diverse choices for individuals with dysphagia, allowing them to dine with dignity and achieving the goal of social inclusion. The competition also works to drive the continuous development of various forms of Care Food (such as soft meals and minced meals) in Hong Kong, making Care Food widely accessible and applicable in daily life.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of local development in Care Food.

  • Increase the public’s and professional chefs' understanding of Care Food to promote its widespread use.

  • Nurture the next generation of chefs and encourage innovative attempts in Care Food

  • Provide more diverse choices for individuals with dysphagia, enhancing their dining experience with dignity.

  • Challenge preconceptions about Care Food and promote social inclusion.

Competition Goals



  • Care Food


  • Chefs from care facilities, relevant institutions, and restaurants

  • Carers

Preliminary selection

Preparations before the competition


Award Ceremony

Competition Process

Competition Details

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Strategic partners and sponsorship

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