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Gerontech Expo

[Blog of Secretary for Labor and Welfare] November 22, 2020

In my blog at the beginning of this month, I shared with you the causes and consequences of promoting the development of gerontechnology in Hong Kong, and reminded everyone that the "Gerontech Expo and Summit 2020" will be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from November 18 to 22.


The Association of Social Services and two universities jointly develop a localized "care food" standard framework   

[Hong Kong Commercial Daily] November 22, 2020

The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, together with the Food Research Center of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Swallowing Institute of the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong, have developed a localized "care food" standard framework to provide food producers, users and caregivers with a "care food" standard framework.


The HKCSS formulates standard guidelines for "care food" to help people with swallowing disorders and

Carers cook and shop for food and promote industry development

[CCS Press Release] November 20, 2020

Swallowing disorder is a problem encountered by many elderly people, stroke patients and other patients. According to research by the University of Hong Kong, about 60% of the elderly living in institutions have varying degrees of swallowing disorders.


The HKCSS promotes the "Care Food" framework to help people with dysphagia "have good food"  

[Wen Wei Po]  November 21, 2020

“Food is our first priority”, but according to a survey by the Swallowing Research Institute of the Faculty of Education of the University of Hong Kong, as many as 60% of the elderly in residential care have varying degrees of swallowing disorders. As a result, they can only eat soft meals and their eating life has become boring.


Gerontech|Ecstasy rice, izakaya soft meal?

HKCSS launches Hong Kong-style side dish care food standards

[HK01]   November 22, 2020

Steamed yellow rice with black bean sauce, steamed meatloaf, and plain-cut chicken are common home-cooked dishes, but for the elderly with dysphagia, they have no choice but to "see but not eat."

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The Social Enterprise Business Center under the Hong Kong Council of Social Service actively promotes the development of care foods and provides different "care food" information and relief solutions to patients with dysphagia, caregivers and the industry.


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