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HKCSS Guidelines on Care Food Standards (Framework)

There is still no unified standard for "care food" in Hong Kong. Different institutions, institutions and product suppliers in the market have their own standards and applications. Based on market needs, we combine various current "care food" solutions, test the softness, hardness and viscosity of food, and combine it with other elements to integrate professional, comprehensive, simple, practical and localized "care food" standard guidelines for Users, carers, professionals, chefs and manufacturers for reference. Detailed content will be announced in late 2021.


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"Food is the first necessity of the people." Food is a basic human right. In the past, due to lack of relevant knowledge and skills, dysphagia patients could only eat mush that looked and tasted bad. We provide a variety of "care food" recipes and provide caregivers with various cooking techniques and methods to help patients increase their appetite and improve their quality of life.

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Tips for caregivers

Taking care of people with dysphagia is not an easy task. During the process, it is inevitable to worry. They are afraid that their family members will suffer from malnutrition due to low food intake, so they blame themselves for not taking good care of them, causing physical and mental stress. We provide practical caregiving tips to help caregivers become expert caregivers and reduce the burden of caregiving.

Prepackaged care foods

The "Care Food Guide" integrates information on different "Care Food" products and service providers to provide the public with a comprehensive information platform. Among them, prepackaged care foods are easy to use and can be opened and eaten immediately, or they can be heated and eaten according to personal taste, bringing convenience to users and caregivers.

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If you have any enquiries, please contact the Care Food Working Group of the Social Enterprise Business Center of the HKCSS.


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2876 2442  /  2876 2406


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