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[Care food: Help people with dysphagia eat happily! 】[Click the video in the second frame to play the interview clip]


[CSS Channel] "Having good food" is the wish of many dysphagia patients. Due to disease or physical deterioration, the chewing function of patients has declined, and they are forced to turn to pulpy meals and broken meals as their main meals. However, these foods Most of them look unflattering and make you lose your appetite. When you are sick, do you only need a full stomach and basic nutrition but no right to choose food?


After Ms. Huo, a caregiver, suffered from dysphagia, her father lost a lot of appetite. He didn't want to eat many things and couldn't bite what he wanted to eat. Ms. Fok then learned to cook food softer, cut it into smaller pieces for him to eat, and even delved into making her father’s favorite dishes easier to chew and swallow. The reason is that my father can eat with his family and grandchildren on the same table as usual, and he can eat whatever he likes! "Our family doesn't want to dismiss Dad as someone with eating difficulties. We will still eat at the same table with him! Dad has the right to choose what he likes to eat."


The rise of local nursing meals in recent years has allowed many patients to enjoy good food and regain the pleasure of chewing slowly. Eating is a basic human need. Caring for food respects people's basic rights and allows you to "eat happily". What you eat and what you don't eat is your own decision!


Special topic on caring food in the new issue of "Social Situation":


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Care food: Help people with dysphagia eat happily!

  • If patients have any questions, please check with a speech therapist or medical staff first. When making care food, you need to cooperate with the instructions of the speech therapist or medical staff.

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