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Guideline of Care Food Standard

Guideline of
Care Food Standard

Within the market, different institutions, care facilities, and product suppliers adhere to distinct criteria and approaches concerning the dietary needs of individuals with dysphagia. The objective behind developing the Guideline of Care Food Standard is to integrate a cohesive set of standards that can be universally referred to within the sector. Drawing upon the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) as a foundation and incorporating diverse established Care Food methodologies to suit market demands, food hardness and viscosity are subject to testing in this guideline. They encompass users’ physiological condition descriptions and food consistency explanations. Additionally, the guideline offers cooking illustrations and a standard level reference. All these elements converge to create a comprehensive, user-friendly, practical, and culturally tailored set of guidelines. This empowers users, caregivers, professionals, chefs, and producers to thoroughly evaluate options before putting them into practice. 

This guideline is divided into the following sections: 1. Seven Key Elements, 2. Common Standards Reference, 3. Application Examples, 4. Care Food Labels, 5. Care Food Myths and Tips, and 6. Individual Assessment Tools. Each section has its own specific significance and key points, making it easier for both sector professionals and individual users to understand.

Seven Key Elements
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