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What is​ Care Food?

Care Food refers to a dietary approach that involves utilising a variety of cooking and processing methods. These methods are employed to adjust the texture and firmness of food and the thickness of drinks, catering to individuals with varying degrees of swallowing and chewing difficulties. 

The primary objective is to provide individuals in need with a comfortable dining experience while retaining the authentic taste, aroma, and presentation of the food. This approach allows them to consume their meals with a sense of dignity.

Care Food encompasses a wide selection of meal options that are tailored to the individual's swallowing capabilities. This includes meals that are easy to chew as well as those that are soft and bite-sized, minced and moist, pureed, etc.

Care Food is not limited to individuals with dysphagia. In a broader sense, there's a possibility that you and I might require easily chewable foods due to illnesses or dental concerns. Such foods can also be categorised as Care Food. 

  • Individuals with chewing and swallowing difficulties

  • Stroke and post-surgery patients

  • Patients in palliative care

  • Sick children (e.g., cleft palate or cleft lip) 

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Who needs
Care Food?

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How to prepare
Care Food? 

When it comes to making Care Food, the Care Food Working Group has categorised cooking methods into three main categories, known as the "Three Approaches of Care Food," which include: the "Preserving the Original Form Approach", the "Creative Plating Approach", and the "Reshaping Approach".


Preserving the Original Form Approach

Utilising various cooking methods, such as pressure cooking, and using softening agents, to preserve the original appearance of the food.

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Creative Plating Approach

Creating food arrangements through techniques like mixing and finely chopping, for instance, arranging utensils, and plating.

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Reshaping Approach

Reshaping food by adding thickeners or enzyme powders or utilising ingredients that aid in shaping, such as Chinese yam, and crafting it through the processes of mixing, heating, and shaping.


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Care Food? 

The Care Food Working Group has consolidated information regarding relevant Care Food products and services into the Care Food Directory for immediate public reference. This serves to enhance the quality of life for individuals with swallowing difficulties and alleviate the stress on caregivers.

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Care Food


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