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【照護食標準指引】烹調示範 - 豉汁蒸魚柳




1. 將豆豉剁碎成免治狀,加入薑蓉、蒜蓉、適量糖、生抽、鹽、少量水攪勻至免治狀。
2. 解凍鯰魚柳,將其切成小塊。蒸熟後將鯰魚柳攪拌至免治狀。
3. 將蔥切成小於0.4cm x 1.5cm的小塊。
4. 先將魚柳放在碟上,然後將豆豉醬及蔥花放在魚上,用保鮮紙包蓋好然後蒸數分鐘即成。




[Guidelines for Care Food Standards] Cooking Demonstration - Steamed Fish fillet with Black Bean Sauce

[Click the video to play the cooking steps]


Steamed fish fillet with black bean sauce



Catfish fillet, 10g salted black beans (douchi), 5g minced ginger, 5g minced garlic, 5g green onion, sugar, light soy sauce, salt



1. Chop the salted black beans into minced beans, add minced ginger, minced garlic, appropriate amount of sugar, light soy sauce, salt, and a small amount of water and stir until smooth.

2. 、Defrost the catfish fillet and cut it into small pieces. After steaming, stir the catfish fillets until minced and soft.

3. Cut the green onions into small pieces less than 0.4cm x 1.5cm.

4. First put the fish fillet on the plate, then put the black bean sauce and chopped green onion on the fish, cover it with plastic wrap and steam it for a few minutes.



There is a chance that water will come out of the fish fillet after steaming, so the excess water should be removed or sucked away.


This dish is based on the Care Food Standard Level 5 (i.e., The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) Level 5)

豉汁蒸魚柳/ Steamed Fish fillet with Black Bean Sauce(等級5/ Level 5)

  • 煮食片段、 食譜內容、食物的軟硬度、稀杰度、尺寸及測試方法僅供參考。實際情況可能受食材種類、食物溫度、烹調方法、 餵食技巧、 工具及環境等因素影響。患者進食前建議先諮詢言語治療師及相關專業人士意見,評估個人適用的飲食等級,並配合指示進食

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