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Beauty Peach Gum Walnut Dew


Walnut material

Walnut meat:200g

rice:50g (Soak in water for two hours)

Red date meat:25g

crystal sugar:30g


Flower milk:15g


Peach gum syrup material

Dried peach gum:30g (Pre-soak for two nights)

crystal sugar:45g




  • Wash the walnuts and put them in the preheated150The oven is baked at about30Minutes, take it out and pour it into a blender, then add rice, red date meat and water to puree, then filter it through a mesh to make a smooth walnut puree.


  • Pour the smooth walnut puree into the pot, add rock sugar and flower milk and cook until thickened into walnut syrup.


  • Wash the macerated peach gum to remove impurities, then rub it into pieces, pour it into a container, add water and rock sugar, put it in a steaming cabinet, and steam for about1Peach gum syrup can be made in an hour.


  • Pour the walnut juice into a bowl, add peach gum sugar water, and mix well when eating.



  • Peach gum comes in different shapes and sizes. After washing, it should be rubbed with hands to make it easier to eat.


  • In addition to walnuts, the same effect can be achieved by using cashews or almonds, each with its own flavor.


This recipe was created by ChefJacky Yusupply

Beauty Peach Gum Walnut Dew

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