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Tooth loss, poor mental status, stroke, and decreased swallowing function will all affect eating. After evaluation by a speech therapist, patients need to eat liquid food that is made from broken food and then processed, which is called "mush meal." Allow the eater to eat safely without chewing. Nutritionist Yeung Ka-yin of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Association pointed out that the disadvantages of ordinary meal preparations are the poor appearance and lack of taste when eating, which makes some people reluctant to eat, which affects their health.


Therefore, the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Association developed the meal "Huai Xi Cuisine" to send "care" and "love" to the residents of the institution. The fish paste, minced meat and vegetable paste are processed into milky white fish and The meat-colored piglets retain nutrients while improving the appearance and texture of the food.


Yang Jiaxin said that since the launch of "Huaixi Cuisine", she has found that the residents are in a good mood, their curiosity about food and their appetite have increased. Their families are also happy to see the staff putting effort into their family's meals. After introducing this meal, about two weeks to one month later, the residents' weight has increased, their muscles have become stronger, and their mood has improved. In terms of speech therapy, the residents are willing to eat more, which improves their oral muscles.



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HKCSS Care Cuisine - "Care Cuisine" for the Elderly

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