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Wow wow wow, it looks so beautiful. There are fish, shrimps, and glutinous rice chicken. Are you doing a festival? But if the family cooks a diet meal, will the grandpa and grandma with dysphagia be able to bite those dishes? What everyone saw were the winning entries of the nursing food cooking competition.let friendsThere must be "good food".


In order to promote the development of nursing care food, in addition to producing the Hong Kong Nursing Care Food Standard Guidelines, the Council also organized the third "Eat for Joy" Senior Food Cooking Competition with the support of Kerry Group and China Merchants Charitable Foundation. For the first time, it is held in a cross-institutional format, providing a platform for industry exchanges and exchanges, and at the same time cultivating a new generation of chefs and tertiary students related to the elderly to understand care food, allowing professional chefs from social welfare organizations, the Chinese Culinary Institute and the International Culinary Institute to learn cooking. Students from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin Branch) and other tertiary institutions formed a team to participate in the competition.

Care Food Eat Good Food - "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2021

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