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Spoon tilt test:

-The texture has enough coagulation power to hold its shape on the spoon

-If the spoon is tilted, tilted to one side, or shaken, the entire spoonful of mushy food will tip over or fall out.fall;You may need to flick the spoon to make the mushy food slide off, but it should slide off easily.And only a very small amount of food residue will be left on the spoon. In other words, the mushy food will notShould be too hard or sticky

-Pasty food lies flat on the plate and spreads slightly or collapses very slowly



The International Dysphagia Diet Standardization Initiative (IDDSI)

Standard Guide to Nursing Food Spoon Tilt Test - Level 4: Mush

  • The video teaching content is for reference only. Before eating, patients are advised to consult speech therapists and relevant professionals to assess their personal dietary level and eat according to instructions.

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