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The public exhibition of the 4th "Gerontech Expo and Summit", co-organized by the Council of Social Services and the SAR Government, and co-organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, was successfully held from November 19 to 22, 2020.


Although this year's exhibition was affected by the epidemic, exhibitors were still very enthusiastic. Nearly 160 exhibitors displayed more than 500 innovative gerontechnology products and application solutions, and about 40 were new exhibitors. In addition, the event also has four themed pavilions to showcase how gerontechnology supports all aspects of life, including "New Areas of Social Services" to explore how remote services will become a new trend in future service development in Hong Kong, "Good Support and Care" "Caregivers" provides corresponding technological solutions to the problems caregivers encounter at home, and "Jockey Club "A Home" Gerontech Education and Rental Services" displays simulated assessment rooms and rented gerontech products to let the public understand the benefits of rental services. Operations and "Asian Food for Seniors" showcase the development of caring food in Asia and related cooking techniques.



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Four distinctive theme pavilions: remote services, caregiver support, education and rental services, and care food@The 4th "Gerontech Expo and Summit"

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