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In the "Taste Vegetarian" workshop, Mr. Ling Haoyun, the founder of Yi Nian Vegetarian, introduced vegetarian care foods. Coagulants are often used when cooking nursing foods, but special attention should be paid to the ingredients. Commonly used coagulants in red bean cakes, such as isinglass, contain pig skin and are not suitable for consumption by Muslims and vegetarians. Care can be taken to use other natural coagulants instead, such as adding apples when cooking curry to extract the pectin of the apples and increase the thickness of the sauce.


The workshop also shared that when cooking care meals, special attention should be paid to the characteristics of the ingredients and whether the ingredients conflict with the medications commonly taken by the elderly. Everyone is reminded to select ingredients carefully when cooking care meals to avoid side effects on the elderly's body.

"Taste·Vegetarian" Diet and Health Relationship of Vegetarian Health Preservation (Lecturer: Mr. Ling Haoyun)

  • If patients have any questions, please check with a speech therapist or medical staff first. When making care food, you need to cooperate with the instructions of the speech therapist or medical staff.

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