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Cooking time: about 45 minutes

Serving size: 4 people



100g winter melon (peeled)

Pumpkin (peeled) 80 grams,

Fresh Huaishan (peeled) 130g

A little ginger (peeled)


Seasonings: Sugar a little, salt a little, head smoke a little

Tools: Mushroom mold/small plate



1. Wash the peeled ingredients and cut them into small cubes. Steam the yam over water for about 10 seconds.15Minutes, pumpkin and winter melon will steam for about10Steam for minutes until soft.


2. Stir-fry the stuffing: Heat the pot, then add oil. After the pot is hot, add ginger and saute until fragrant. Add yam, pumpkin, and winter melon in order and stir-fry until soft. To avoid sticking to the pot, add water.


3.Seasoning: Add appropriate amount of sugar, salt, water and extract. Stir-fry until it is almost sticky and continue to stir. When it's almost dry, add a little cornstarch water to make the filling more slurry and make the dumplings look better when you make them.


4.Make dumplings: First spread out the dumpling wrapper, put a coffee spoon's worth of filling on it, push it up from the bottom first, in order to cover all the filling, and then roll it up. Apply a little water to the rest of the head and tail and press firmly. After wrapping, steam over water for about10minutes until cooked through.


5.Prepare the vegetarian stock: add the remaining approx.1/5Place the ingredients into each stew pot and add6Stew in water (hot water is faster)5minute.


6.Add steamed dumplings (per cup2only) stewed for approx.2Minutes are enough.




(This recipe is provided by Yi Nian Vegetarian)

Winter Melon and Huaishan Pumpkin Dumplings

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