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Po Leung Kuk "A Little Aftertaste" Kitchen - "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022 Finals • Entries

Po Leung Kuk "A Little Aftertaste" Kitchen - Entries [Click on the icon next to the photo to browse the video]


Chef: Su Wenhui

Theme: Heartwarming and memorable omelette rice

Main dish: Heart-warming omelette rice IDDSI level 6

Garnish: Fresh yam, strawberry jelly IDDSI level 4


Creativity and design concepts


Turning happy childhood memories into a taste on the tip of the tongue, Chinese tomato fish fillet is added to the omelette rice element. The two are fused and carefully crafted into a soft meal, allowing people with swallowing difficulties to taste the "heartwarming and memorable omelette rice".


story behind


Seeing my mother finishing up the soft-cooked omelette rice I cooked, my family and I were relieved and very happy. Recalling childhood moments, my father passed away in an accident, and my mother took care of me and my two younger brothers on her own. The family of five lived in poverty, with only light meals and tea every day. Only on special occasions did my mother cook tomatoes and eggs? Squid for us to eat. Although it seems like an ordinary dish now, it always felt like a rare delicacy at the time. Everyone rushed to eat it. Over time, this dish became a happy memory for our family.


I remember one time I was very unhappy due to the pressure of homework and exams, and my appetite also decreased. My mother specially made a tomato sauce omelette rice for me, and paired it with the tomato egg red fish, which is only available during the holidays. It was sour and sweet. The sweet taste immediately increased my appetite and lifted my spirits.


Time flies by and decades have passed since I learned how to make soft meals, which has greatly improved my aging mother’s problem of losing interest in eating due to dysphagia. My mother's health was getting worse day by day. In order to improve her appetite, I specially designed this heart-warming omelette rice dish to turn the happy childhood memories into the taste on the tip of my tongue, and reminisce with my mother. After I got married, I made a homemade "Fresh Yam and Strawberry Jelly". My mother and children loved it and it became a gourmet masterpiece in my family. The years have taken away many memories, but they can never take away the love and the warmth of home that our mother gave us!


Entry recipes:


Heart-warming omelette rice IDDSI level 6



  • Fish fillet 100g
  • 3 eggs
  • Rice 100g
  • 300g tomatoes
  • Shrimp meat  20g 
  • Light cream  10ml
  • Vegetables  20g         
  • Yellow pepper  20g 
  • Carrot  10g           



  • Salt  5g 
  • Sugar  10g 
  • Tomato juice  100g 
  • Ancient Moon Powder  3g 
  • Thickening powder  23g 
  • Coagulation powder  7.2g


Cooking method:

  1. Wash and dice shrimps, tomatoes, yellow peppers, carrots and vegetables
  2. Wash the fish fillet, add salt and ancient moon starch, marinate evenly and fry until fragrant. Put it into a high-speed blender, add 300g fish soup and 8g thickening powder, beat until smooth, mix well until boiling, pour into the mold and set aside.                         ;                         ;       
  3. First, beat 1 egg well and cook, cut into pieces and set aside.       ;   sp ;   
  4. Saute the tomatoes until fragrant, add 100g tomato juice and 100g soup and cook, put into a high-speed blender, pour out and add an appropriate amount of 7.2g coagulation powder, mix well and mix into tomato sauce, set aside                             ;                         ;                         ;                         ;         
  5. Add the rotten rice to the ketchup and chopped eggs, mix well, put it into the mold and set aside.                                ;                 
  6. Sauté the shrimp, tomato, yellow pepper, carrot and vegetable seeds until fragrant, then put them into a high-speed blender, add the stock and thickening powder, beat until smooth, mix well and bring to a boil , pour into molds respectively and set aside                           ;    
  7. Unmold the fried rice and place it upside down on the top of the plate. Place the ketchup on the bottom to surround the rice and add the juice. Place the fish fillets and side dishes on top of the sauce.                         
  8. Add the cream to the eggs and beat well. Fry the eggs until they are half-cooked. Put the fried rice noodles on top of the eggs and cut them with a knife until they are half-cooked. Complete.


Fresh Yam and Strawberry Jelly IDDSI Level 4



  • 150g fresh yam
  • Strawberry 150g
  • Milk  50ml 
  • Strawberry Sauce   40g 
  • Water    150ml+100ml 



  • Sugar  50g 
  • Thickening powder  10g


Cooking method:

  1. Wash, cut and steam the fresh yams and set aside                                    ;              
  2. Remove the strawberry leaves, wash them and put them into a high-speed blender. Add water, strawberry jam, sugar and 6g thickening powder, beat until smooth, mix well until boiling, and mix into strawberry. Pear paste for later use       
  3. Pour some of the strawberry paste into a cup to cool down and set aside                          ;           
  4. Pour the remaining strawberry paste into the mold and cool it down, then demold and set aside. ;   sp ;              
  5. Add fresh yam to water, milk, sugar and 4g thickening powder, beat until smooth, mix well until boiling, pour into a cup to cool down and set aside        ;   sp ;   sp ;   sp ;
  6. Place strawberry ornaments on the cup to decorate, complete


Po Leung Kuk "A Little Aftertaste" Kitchen - "Eat Happiness" Senior Food Cooking Competition 2022 Finals • Entries

  • Cooking clips, recipe content, food hardness, hardness, size and testing methods are for reference only. The actual situation may be affected by factors such as the type of food, food temperature, cooking methods, feeding techniques, tools and environment. Before eating, patients are advised to consult speech therapists and related professionals to assess their individual dietary level and eat according to instructions.

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