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Guidelines for Nursing Food Standards

Standard Guidelines

Different institutions, institutions and product suppliers in the market have their own standards and applications regarding the food requirements and needs of people with dysphagia. The HKCSS Care Food Standard Guidelines are designed to integrate a unified set of standards for reference by the industry. The guidelines are based on the International Dietary Standards for Dysphagia (IDDSI), and according to market needs, combine various current nursing diet plans, test the softness, hardness and viscosity of food, and add a description of the physiological condition of the applicable person and a description of the food status. In addition, Information such as cooking examples and comparison tables of different standard levels are combined into a comprehensive, simple, practical and localized standard guideline, allowing users, caregivers, professionals, chefs and manufacturers to consider from multiple perspectives before putting it into practice.

The standard guidelines are divided into the following parts: 1. Seven elements, 2. Common standards comparison table, 3. Application examples, 4. Care food labels, 5. Care food myths and tips, 6. Personal assessment tools. Each part has its own specific meaning and reference points, making it easier for industry and individual users to grasp it.


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